PlaToLoCo - a new meta-server for LCR analysis

May 19, 2020

PlaToLoCo: the first web meta-server for visualization and annotation of low complexity regions in proteins.

Jarnot P, Ziemska-Legiecka J, Dobson L, Merski M, Mier P, Andrade-Navarro MA, Hancock JM, Dosztanyi Z, Paladin L, Necci M, Piovesan D, Tosatto SCE, Promponas VJ, Grynberg M, Gruca A.

Nucleic Acids Research (Web Server issue 2020), gkaa339

Low complexity regions (LCRs) in protein sequences show bias in amino acid composition compared to typically observed sequence diversity. LCRs may co-occur with intrinsically disordered regions, are highly conserved in many organisms, and often play important roles in protein functions and in diseases. PlaToLoCo - PLAtform of TOols for LOw COmplexity - is a meta-server that integrates and collects the output of five different state-of-the-art tools for discovering LCRs and provides functional annotations such as domain detection, transmembrane segment prediction, and calculation of amino acid frequencies. In addition, the union or intersection of the results of the search on a query sequence can be obtained to aid the interpretation of the results.

Matthew Merski contributed to the collaborative effort behind the project, and his work was supported by funding from the National Science Centre, Poland (#2014/15/D/NZ1/00968).

The PlaToLoCo platform is available at: