More detailed description of some of our equipment can be found on the CFCB website.

Our group occupies 240m2 of laboratory and office space at the Laboratory for Structural and Biochemical Research (LBSBio).

The laboratory is fully equipped for protein crystallography, biophysics and biochemistry with the following items:

  • Robots for pipetting solutions and crystallization drops: Mosquito LCP, Dragonfly
  • Formulatrix system for automated imaging and storage of protein crystallization plates with a 1000 plates capacity and a UV scanner
  • An advanced FPLC and an FPLC connected with a refractometer, DLS and MALS
  • Spectrophotometers and plate readers – Infinite M200 PRO with extended fluorescence, chemiluminescence and an automatic pipetting station module.
  • Microscale Thermophoresis instrument (Monolith NT.115 Blue/Red from Nanotemper)
  • Gradient PCR and real-time (RT-PCR) machines
  • Incubator sets for mammalian cells, insect cells and bacterial culture, laminar flow chambers
  • Sonicators and homogenizers, a set of centrifuges for cell fractionation
  • Equipment for electrophoresis of DNA, RNA and proteins, including 2D electrophoresis with an automatic spot cutter;
  • a ChemiDoc MP station for UV, fluorescence and chemiluminescence imaging of gels and membranes

We also have access to home X-ray sources, NMR and CD spectrometers through the Structural Research Laboratory.

Services and products on offer:
We offer help in obtaining and interpretation of structural models of proteins, both experimental or computational. We can also aid in studies of protein-protein and protein-RNA interactions. Please contact us for further details.