Our group occupies 240m2 of laboratory and office space at the Laboratory of Biomacromolecular Research.

The laboratory is fully equipped for protein crystallography and biochemistry with the following items:

  • Robots for pipetting solutions and crystallization drops: Mosquito LCP, Dragonfly
  • Formulatrix system for automated imaging and storage of protein crystallization plates with a 1000 plates capacity and a UV scanner
  • An advanced FPLC and an FPLC connected with a refractometer, DLS and MALS
  • Spectrophotometers and plate readers – Infinite M200 PRO with extended fluorescence, chemiluminescence and an automatic pipetting station module.
  • Microscale Thermophoresis instrument (Monolith NT.115 Blue/Red from Nanotemper)
  • Gradient PCR and real-time (RT-PCR) machines
  • Incubator sets for mammalian cells, insect cells and bacterial culture, laminar flow chambers
  • Sonicators and homogenizers, a set of centrifuges for cell fractionation
  • Equipment for electrophoresis of DNA, RNA and proteins, including 2D electrophoresis with an automatic spot cutter;
  • a ChemiDoc MP station for UV, fluorescence and chemiluminescence imaging of gels and membranes

We also have access to home X-ray sources, NMR and CD spectrometers through the Structural Research Laboratory.

Services and products on offer:
We offer help in obtaining and interpretation of structural models of proteins, both experimental or computational. We can also aid in studies of protein-protein and protein-RNA interactions. Please contact us for further details.