Enabling EU R&I inclusiveness and participation

Jun 19, 2020

On June 19th, the MSCA2020 conference took place online with around 450 participants.The MSCA Presidency Conference is an annual event focusing on EU-funded mobile researchers.

Maria Górna presented her experience as a former MCAA Board Member and a returning MSCA Fellow in Poland during the panel discussion devoted to the issues that researchers face in the Widening Countries.

Panel Session 3: Enabling inclusiveness and participation

A divide in R&I performance and participation in the framework programmes among the EU Member States vary considerably which hinders a balanced circulation of knowledge, diversity and spread of excellence. The aim of this session is to address the need for increasing a level of participation of researchers in the relevant research and innovation programmes and dealing with a somewhat skewed balance on the EU level. In particular, it will be assessed how to increase the participation in the context of access to research infrastructures and collaborative networks, and thereby reducing the agglomeration and asymmetry in research as a potential course of action in dealing with the negative effect of brain circulation (i.e. brain drain). This sessions will be an exchange of practices and experience on common initiatives and programmes, along with the dialogue on envisioned or already implemented measures that specifically focus on creating conditions for a more inclusive approach and incentives, either in participation to framework programme for R&I or in overcoming centre-periphery relations in collaboration (widening measures).

BELOW: a live recording of the Panel session 3 at MSCA2020.hr