We welcome students interested in doing a Bachelor or Master project in our laboratory. Please contact us for more details.

Examples of possible undergraduate thesis topics:

  • Preparation and structural characterization of FASTK family protein(s) and their domains
  • Mapping protein-protein interactions in the FASTK protein family
  • Defining RNA ligand specificity for FASTK proteins / IFIT protein homologs
  • Development of fluorescence-based assays of non-self RNA binding by IFIT proteins
  • Engineering IFIT proteins for improved stability and RNA-binding
  • Development of novel peptide-based tools for chemical genetics in E. coli

We participate in teaching the following courses at the Department of Chemistry, University of Warsaw:

  • Challenges in Modern Crystallography lecture
  • Laboratory workshops for members of The Gifted Children Support Programme (Krajowy Fundusz na Rzecz Dzieci)
    • 2016/2017: Biochemia białek uczestniczących w procesie fotosyntezy - oczyszczanie chromatograficzne i krystalizacja

As part of our science outreach, we also host students for laboratory internships:


  • Belén García Sintes (Erasmus+, University of Barcelona),
  • Nurullah Sati (İzmir Yüksek Teknoloji Enstitüsü),
  • Michał Kozdrowicki (The Gifted Children Support Programme),
  • Małgorzata Ciężkowska (Warsaw University of Technology)


  • Anna Marczyńska (II Batory Lyceum),
  • Maja Czub (Warsaw University of Technology)