Dawid Dzadz

Dawid Dzadz, BSc

MSc student

I graduated from the University of Warsaw with a Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology in 2022 from the College of Inter-faculty Individual Studies in Mathematics and Natural Sciences. A year later, I earned another Bachelor of Science, this time in Chemistry. My undergraduate biotechnology thesis, conducted at the Laboratory of RNA Biology at the International Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology, explored the effects of non-canonical poly(A) polymerases on mouse osteoblast mineralization. For my chemistry degree, I joined the Go!RNA Structural Biology Group, where I investigated the interactions between the FASTK protein and RNA.

My scientific interests encompass RNA metabolism in eukaryotic cells, RNA-protein interactions, and protein structures. In the Go!RNA Structural Biology Group, I collaborate with laboratories in Würzburg and Prague to study the ALPH1 decapping enzyme in Kinetoplastida through structural analyses and the characterization of its inhibitors, which hold potential as therapeutic drugs. I also investigate the potential applications of this enzyme in biotechnology.

I am fascinated by science and enjoy communicating it to the general public. In my personal time, I am an avid PC gamer and a passionate fan of Asian cuisine, both cooking and enjoying it.