Madhuri Kanavalli

Madhuri Kanavalli, M.Sc.

PhD student

Hi – I am a Doctoral student in Go!RNA lab working with Dr. Katarzyna Bandyra. I am here to learn as well as to elucidate hPNPase structure and function which would help in understanding different mechanisms of actions and designing new drug molecules for mitochondrial disorders resulting from disfunctioning of hPNPase.

I have received my Master’s in Biochemistry from Karnataka University Dharwad, India. After my Master’s I have been exploring my career in protein science since 2017. I worked as a Research Associate in two different Contract Research Organizations – Jubilant Biosys LTD., and Syngene International LTD., a Biocon group India, where my area of research was focused on characterization of therapeutic proteins and monoclonal antibodies from gene to structure.

I am interested in protein interaction studies, kinetics and immunology. I enjoy playing Badminton, chess and carom in my spare time, also I am a Bharatanatyam dancer (Indian classical dance) and I am a foodie as well.