Transfer of funds for more Horizon Europe grants

Jan 19, 2024

An article in Polish can be found on Forum Akademickie portal.

How to increase the number of prestigious ERC grants coming to Poland? One way to achieve this may be the transfer of European funds for a member country. Lithuania has already taken advantage of this mechanism, transferring 18.5 million euros.

Changes in the financing of science, both on the micro- and macro-scale, prevail among the proposals submitted to the "Science to Repair" campaign, conducted jointly by the Polish Academy of Sciences and Forum Akademickie. One such idea, submitted by Maria Górna, is to shift up to 5% of the European Regional Development Fund available to Poland to Horizon Europe. This solution proposed by the European Commission itself is part of a package of synergies between different EU programs.

The idea is to transfer, for example, 50 million euros from cohesion funds directly to selected instruments financed by Horizon Europe, such as the competitions of the European Research Council, Maria Skłodowska-Curie Actions or the European Innovation Council. From these funds, individual projects (mono beneficiary grants) could be implemented in Polish units for researchers competing in these competitions and ranking high in them. This change could be implemented relatively easily within the framework of a partnership agreement between Poland and the European Union

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