Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2022 celebration

Oct 5, 2022

The Centre for Cooperation and Dialogue of the University of Warsaw organized the annual Nobel Week celebrations. Maria Górna was among the experts from the Department of Chemistry invited to comment on the live transmission of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry award ceremony.

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2022 was awarded jointly to Carolyn Bertozzi, Barry Sharpless and Morten Meldal “for the development of click chemistry and bioorthogonal chemistry”, a convenient form of chemistry in which molecular building blocks snap together quickly and efficiently.

Maria commented on the usability of this method in the development of chimeric drugs. For example, click chemistry allows to easily generate large libraries of bifunctional drug candidates, in which variants of the targeting modules and the activity modules can be joined together in various combinations. These can be screened for the optimal selective activity towards faster development of the final drug. Click reactions can also be easily adapted even by non-expert biologists in the lab.

TOK FM, TVN Meteo, National Geographic, Polskie radio Czwórka, Polskie Radio, Dziennik Naukowy, and other media outlets covered this year's Nobel Prize in Chemistry, highlighting Maria's commentary.

Photos from Day 3 of the Nobel Week can be found here.

Image source: Centre for Cooperation and Dialogue, UNIVERSITY OF WARSAW, Mirek Kaźmierczak, Krystian Szczęsny