New mRNA capture method for RNAseq

Oct 19, 2022

A cap 0-dependent mRNA capture method to analyze the yeast transcriptome

Nowacka M, Latoch P, Izert MA, Karolak NK, Tomecki R, Koper M, Tudek A, Starosta AL, Górna MW

Nucleic Acids Research (2022)

We invented a new method of mRNA capture for improved RNA sequencing of the coding transcriptome. It works based on the capture of cap 0 groups that are found on the 5' ends of mRNA in fungi, plants, and many lower eukaryotes. Our method successfully outperforms eIF4E-based capture for yeast and should have wide applicability for other species.

A big thank you and congratulations to our team members and the wonderful collaborators Agata Starosta and friends at IBB PAN.

We are grateful for our funding by the EMBO Installation Grant and the LIDER grant from the National Centre for Research and Development, Poland. This is the first but not last practical application of our filed patented method on RNA selection & enrichment.

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