Erasmus+ visitor in our laboratory

Oct 14, 2022

Dr. Mohammed Hawash finished his pharmacy degree from An-Najah National University Palestine in 2011, followed by PhD in Pharmaceutical Chemistry at Gazi University Ankara/Turkey. His research interests are Medicinal Chemistry, Organic chemistry, Phytochemistry, Pharmacognosy, and Bio-analytical Chemistry. The special interest of Dr. Hawash is the design, synthesis, and biological evaluation of new agents that target different important biological targets i.e. cancer disease, COX enzymes and AMPA receptors. In the last three years 2020-2022 Dr. Hawash contributed in 39 published works, 14 of them as corresponding or first author. Currently Dr. Hawash is working in different projects: benzodioxole derivatives as COX inhibitors, benzodiazepine analogs as AMPAR Antagonists, indole-isoxazole derivatives as tubulin inhibitor (anticancer agents), halogenated phenyl-isoxazole derivatives as anticancer agents, and a novel chemical method in reducing shisha toxicity.

During his stay in our group between 10-14 October, Dr Hawash delivered the following lectures:

Introduction to the Medicinal chemistry (Tuesday 11.10 14:00)

Lecture objectives:

  • Study the relation between the drug chemical structure and its biological activity in the body.
  • The importance of organic functional groups in determining the physicochemical properties of the drug.
  • Understand the interactions drug-protein, drug-enzyme, drug-receptor.
  • How the body interact and make changes on the chemical structure of the drug.
  • Introduce various classes of therapeutic agents with the emphasis on their structure activity relationship (SAR).

The Discovery of New Anticancer Drugs is One of the Most Important Health Issues in the World Wide (Friday 14.10 10:00, Aula C, CNBCh)

Lecture objectives:

  • Identify the cancer, the most common cancers and their statistics globally
  • Identify the main cancer targets; enzymes, proteins and DNA…etc
  • Examples of some success anticancer agents reached the markets
  • Tubulin Inhibitors “synthesis of indole and isoxazole derivatives as anticancer agents that targeting Colchicine binding site”
Below: Dr Hawash delivering his lecture on cancer drugs at CNBch
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