Matylda defends her PhD thesis

Nov 6, 2023

Matylda Izert-Nowakowska defended her PhD thesis on November 6th - Matylda's ambitious project and fantastic work received high praise from all three reviewers and the examination committee.

Matylda won a PhD studentship in our FIRST TEAM project funded by the Foundation for Polish Science, as well as a competitive studentship from the Department of Chemistry. Her doctoral thesis "New bifunctional molecules as tools for targeted protein degradation in bacteria" combined studies in bacterial culture with using purified proteins and biophysical methods.

During her time with us, Matylda co-authored 5 publications (including second-author work in Nucleic Acids Research) and two patent applications. Her excellent review on bacterial degrons and degraders has been highly downloaded as a relevant perspective for bacterial TPD field. Currently, Matylda is finalizing a manuscript describing the main findings from her PhD thesis work.

Congratulations to Matylda for a brilliant Ph.D. thesis and defense!