Ben Luisi visits our lab

Mar 1, 2019

Ben Luisi will visit our group for a week, hosted by the Visiting Professor Programme at the University of Warsaw Biological and Chemical Research Centre.

Ben is an expert in protein crystallography and cryoelectron microscopy, and a Professor of structural biology at the Department of Biochemistry at the University of Cambridge. He studies bacterial riboregulation and transport machinery. Ben is a mentor and partner in our FIRST TEAM and TEAM-TECH Core Facility projects funded by the Foundation for Polish Science.

We have the pleasure to invite you to the following talks and events with Ben Luisi:

Tuesday 5th March

11:00 minisymposium with Wojciech Rypniewski (CNBCh Aula B) [Facebook event]

  • "Machinery of bacterial riboregulation" - Ben Luisi (VPP guest) [abstract]
  • "Structural studies of pathogenesis-related RNA repeats" - Wojciech Rypniewski (Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry, PAS)

Wednesday 6th March

18:00 Do Science! club with Ben Luisi (IIMCB 0.003) [Facebook event]

Thursday 7th March

13:30 Lecture for TRI-BIO-CHEM programme PhD students (CNBCh Aula B)

  • "RNA-protein interactions in vivo and in vitro"

18:00 Hangout of the Marie Curie Alumni Association (Pub Legends, Emilii Plater 25) [Facebook event]

Friday 8th March

10:00 Informal seminar for LBSBio (CNBCh, Aula B)

  • "Structure and mechanism of multi-drug efflux assemblies"

A photo gallery of these exciting events for our group can be found here!

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