TRI-BIO-CHEM PhD fellowships available

Dec 5, 2017

TRI-BIO-CHEM is a joint PhD programme of three institutions:

The 4-year programme will provide interdisciplinary training in biology, chemistry and technical sciences to over 30 PhD fellows. Each PhD fellow will have two supervisors at two different institutions - a primary host and a second one, working together in a close partnership.

Our group will host one PhD student to work on the IFIT proteins (topic #23) under the supervision of Maria Górna (and Paulina Dominiak, Electron Density Modelling GroupElectron Density Modelling Group) in partnership with Anna Filipek (Laboratory of Calcium Binding Proteins, The Nencki Institute for Experimental Biology).

We are partners in another PhD project (topic #9) hosted by Paweł Borowiecki (and Zbigniew Ochal, Warsaw University of Technology), in which the partner supervisor is Jan Kutner (and Krzysztof Woźniak, University of Warsaw). For this project, see the offer here.

Programme rules require the candidate to have a M.Sc. (or equivalent) degree and a good knowledge of Polish. The studentship of 1500 + 2100 PLN/month will be available for 4 years, starting on 01.03.2018. Applications are accepted until 21.01.2018 on the programme website.