Our second patent application filed

Sep 25, 2021

This month, we filed a patent application resulting from our work in the FIRTS TEAM project financed by the Foundation for Polish Science. Patent application #P.439032 [WIPO ST 10/C PL439032] Konstrukty peptydowe do celowanej degradacji białek (Peptide constructs for targeted protein degradation) authored by Górna M, Izert M, Klimecka M, Szybowska P, Antosiewicz A, Twardowski P was deposited in the Polish Patent Office on September 24th 2021.

Our invention can be used in basic research to achieve protein knockdown for studies of protein function and drug action. Degraders can also be used as novel drugs, and those acting in bacteria could be powerful antimicrobials more retardant to resistance mechanisms.