Conference networking with EMBO funding

Oct 6, 2017

This year EMBO has generously awarded us again with two meeting grants to support the attandance of Jan Kutner and Matthew Merski at international conferences.

Matthew Merski has given a talk at the 21st evolutionary biology meeting in Marseilles, France, 26-29.09.2017. This meeting is one of the largest and oldest running evolutionary biology meetings in Europe and allowed Matthew to present his current work with the phylogeny of FASTKD proteins and their homologues.

Jan Kutner has attended the 42nd FEBS Congress "From molecules to cells and back", taking place 10-14.09.2017 in Jerusalem, Israel - one of the biggest annual conferences in molecular, cell and structural biology. Janek presented a poster “Structure and function studies of RNA-binding proteins with FAST motifs and a RAP domain” regarding his work on purification of human proteins from the FASTK family.

We are grateful to EMBO for the continuous support and benefits of the Installation Grant awarded to Maria Górna.