Maria receives Fulbright STEM Impact Award

Oct 21, 2019

Fulbright STEM Impact Award is a new Fulbright programme, awarded this year to 5 leaureates in Poland in this pilot edition celebrating 60 years of Fulbright Poland. Maria Górna was awarded the Fulbright scholarship for her project "Structure-function studies of human and bacterial proteins using electron microscopy for improved treatment of infectious diseases".

In January and February 2020, Maria will spend 6 weeks at Penn State Eberly College of Science, where she will join the laboratory of Jean Paul Armache as a Fulbright Visiting Scholar. Maria will use cryoelectron microscopy to study protein complexes relevant for infectious diseases caused by viral and bacterial pathogens.

The award was highlighted also by Forum Akademickie.

BELOW: Maria with Jean-Paul Armache group after arrival at Penn State
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