Lab visits from departments and companies

Jul 21, 2017

On the first anniversary of the official opening of our laboratory and the Structural Biology Group, we are proud to celebrate many exciting on-going projects and collaborations.

We are invested in expanding our collaborative network and promoting interdisciplinary connections between the two departments constituting the Biological and Chemical Research Centre (UW BCRC). On June 30th, we proudly hosted official tours for researchers from the Departments of Biology and Chemistry who had a chance to see our specialized crystallization equipment (see also BCRC photo gallery).

On July 20th, our laboratory was also showcased during an official visit to UW BCRC of the President of the Board and the Department Heads of Polfa Tarchomin S.A., together with our Vice-Chancellor for Economic Affairs. We discussed potential collaborations with Polfa, which is one of the leading companies in the Polish pharmaceutical industry. On November 20th, an official collaboration agreement was signed by Polfa and our University.