First Masters thesis completed in the lab

Aug 29, 2019

We are very proud of Adrianna Dąbrowska, who graduated this week with a Masters in Biotechnology.

Ada completed a 2-year programme in just 1 year and her thesis received excellent reviews. She worked on characterisation of antiviral IFIT proteins from Danio rerio, which included the whole process: starting from cloning, through optimization of expression and purification of proteins, performing thermofluor and RNA-binding assays, and ending in crystallization trials and diffraction experiments. Ada's co-advisors were Maria Górna and Dr. hab. Piotr Kozłowski, and her informal lab supervisor was Natalia Karolak.

We wish Ada all the best in her next steps as a PhD candidate!

Below: Maria Górna, Ada Dąbrowska and Natalia Karolak celebrating a successful thesis defense.
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