Collaboration with Medical University of Warsaw

Nov 15, 2017

The University of Warsaw and the Medical University of Warsaw have launched a new inititative to tighten the existing ties between the institutions and encourage new collaborations on the shared Ochota campus.

On November 15th, the two Universities held the inaugurational event of the collaborative program. During this meeting, the Rectors have talked about the shared history of the two institutions and the plans for future directions. Next, researchers from the University of Warsaw (Departments of Biology, Chemistry and CeNT) and the various Departments of the Medical University have given talks to introduce the current research topics and lay the background for collaborative projects. Maria Górna was invited by Wojciech Dzwolak to present at a joint session on the structural studies of proteins an peptides as part of the "Physical Chemistry" section of the meeting.

Future meetings which are planned for 2018 should allow more researchers to introduce their research projects to the large community of the two Universities. The students and employees of the Medical University of Warsaw were also invited to use the resources of the University of Warsaw Incubator program and in 2018 will be able to attend "general" classes at our University.