Matthew Merski

Matthew Merski, Ph.D.

Joint Postdoctoral Fellow

Matt joined the lab as an assistant professor (adiunkt) and the main investigator in the SONATA project. He received funding from the National Science Centre, Poland for his MINIATURA project "Badanie zmienności wiązań wodorowych w strukturach białkowych" 2017/01/X/NZ1/00567. He was next a joint postdoctoral fellow with the group of Dr Rafał Wieczorek, working in the field of protein evolution. Currently Matt is working in Dorota Latek lab.

Dr. Merski received obtained his Ph. D. in Biophysics from the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland (USA) characterizing the enzymes involved in natural products biosynthesis with the group of Prof. Craig A. Townsend at the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland (USA). He followed this with a post-doctoral stint with Prof. Brian K. Shoichet at UCSF in San Francisco, California (USA) studying the biophysics of protein/ligand interactions where his work has achieved some attention from the scientific blogosphere. He moved to a researcher position studying proteases in the group of Prof. Sandra Macedo-Ribeiro at the Instituto de Biologia Molecular e Celular at the Universidade do Porto in Porto, Portugal before coming to the Go!RNA group.